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Why I’m Dumbing Down My Smartphone

i hate your phone

I don’t hate everything about my phone. I just hate the parts that get in the way of me looking at the world right in front of me. I hate the parts that leave me looking at the top of your head because you’re looking at your phone instead of at me.


Why Being a Big Deal on the Internet Made Me Unhappy

big deal on the Internet

My Internet fame made me approval seeking, insecure, and anything but happy. Thank goodness that’s over.


Closing Time

Today is the last day of school for the kids before their Christmas break, that glorious in limbo time when reality seems to stop for a weeks.  No alarm clocks. No homework. No scheduled lunches and tests. It’s been a while since I was in school myself, but I can’t help but feel that I’m […]


Why I’m Going To BlogWorld Even Though I’m Scared Shitless #BWE10

I plunked down a good chunk of cash yesterday for a plane ticket to Las Vegas and a weekend conference pass to BlogWorld 2010, a ginormous blogging conference attended by about 4,000 people who take this whole Internet thing very seriously. I did this despite the fact that I’m currently on a self-imposed shopping ban. […]


Most People Are Not Idiots

Savannah 2011-06-08 075

I made the mistake of reading blogs this morning before getting to work.  Worse than that, I made the mistake of reading comments on blogs. It took exactly two minutes before I stumbled on the first Everyone But Us Is An Idiot sentiment of the day. And just like that, I’m ticked off and feeling […]