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It’s Not Minimialism; It’s Gratitude

Instead of buying a new set of dishes, we decided to use my Nana's china every day.

My acts of minimalism – or frugality, as the case may be – are about cultivating a life of gratitude.


Trying to Live Simply in A Real Home


I sort of backed into minimalism as a means to happiness. Before hitting the road last summer, we sold most of our possessions in order to raise money for our trip and eliminate the need to pay for storage while we traveled. In the process, I discovered and frequently espoused the benefits of owning less […]


LeapFrog Tag Reading System Giveaway. What?! Why?!


If you’re a parent or you’re new here and came for the giveaway, go ahead and scroll down. My regular readers and I need a moment… I really dragged my feet on doing this. It’s been less than a week since I unveiled the new shopping blog for women and explained all of the reasons […]