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5 Reasons Not To Pursue Your Passion

I believe that every single one of us has a purpose – a role in this world that we were made to fill. I believe that we are most happy when we are actively filling that role, whatever it may be at the time. I believe that your passion – the thing, action, topic, person, […]


What Now?

I’m sitting on a fourth floor balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  I’m looking at the beach, listening to the waves, but I haven’t stepped foot on it yet. I haven’t stepped foot much of anywhere this weekend.  It’s after 3:00 on Saturday afternoon and I’ve left my hotel room exactly once to steal coffee from […]


She’ll be a woman, soon. A hairy, hairy woman who can reach anything she wants in the whole wide world.


“Is this for the shower?” Emma asked. I was going through my morning “get ready” routine while she and Devin waited patiently for me to take them to school. “Yep,” I replied. “What’s it do?” she asked. “It takes your hair off,” I told her.  And causes chemical burns like a motherfucker, I thought. “Ohhhhhhh,” […]


And if not here, then where?

This is one of those days when I wish I had an anonymous blog. Or that I was better at faking it. I know people who do it.  They put on a happy face and pretend like nothing is wrong.  They dance for their quarters because it’s what is expected of them.  And they do […]