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How to Teach Yourself Confidence

how to feel more confident

If you want to have a greater faith in your abilities, make a habit of feeling confident by doing what you’re good at.


How to Practice Vulnerability


Vulnerability is necessary, but scary as hell. Here are a few ways we can practice being vulnerable until it gets easier.


How Renting Makes Me Re-Evaluate Who I Am


I’ve been surprised to learn how much the label homeowner meant to me. What other labels do we value?


Happiness Means Having a Dream. Always.

I purchased Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog program yesterday. The Day 1 activity nearly convinced me to quit blogging. By the end of the night, it would be Twitter and not the ProBlogger that saved this blog and helped me identify why I’ve felt so adrift lately, and what I needed to […]


I Did My Scary Thing to Challenge You

I did it. I said enough with this fear and procrastination crap, and I emailed out my first pitch letter to a major magazine. And then I went and spent $35 on magazines for the purpose of research and ordered a copy of the 2012 Writer’s Market. I did it because I have proof that I can […]


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