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Why I’m Trying to Do More and Get Less Done

2014-10-07 13.41.09

The need to get things done can get in the way of living well.


How to Meditate Without Actually Meditating

how to meditate without meditation

Get the benefits of meditation without actually having to sit and meditate.


What Happiness Looks Like: Elise Bradfield and the Little Things

elise bradfield

Writer Elise Bradfield believes happiness isn’t something you lose or find, but something you remember.


How to “Be Present” Even If You Hate Meditating

how to be present

These little exercises can help you practice being present any time. No pillow or chanting required.



Sometimes it’s subtle. Other times blatant and bitter. And other times still it’s simply a longing that I am all too familiar with. It must be nice, they say. It must be nice to travel. It must be nice to have weekends with the girls. It must be nice to live grand adventures and dramatic […]


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