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It’s Not Minimialism; It’s Gratitude

Instead of buying a new set of dishes, we decided to use my Nana's china every day.

My acts of minimalism – or frugality, as the case may be – are about cultivating a life of gratitude.


Do What You Love: Where to Get the Money

It’s all well and good to believe that you should follow your passion, but it can be hard to figure out exactly how you’re supposed to do that in the real world. How do normal people afford to do what they love?


How to Make a Budget (Even if You Hate Making Budgets)

I have started roughly 138 budgets in my life. Approximately. I hated every single one of them. I always thought of a budget as a diet for my money, a strict set of rules about what I could and couldn’t eat spend. Making a budget left me feeling deprived and angry, and wondering how in […]