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One More Thing I Will Not Beat Myself Up About

I was hoping to have some really great news to share with you today. We’ve spent the last week exchanging emails and phone calls with producers for a daytime talk show, producers who were interested in having us bring the RV out to New York City so that we could tell our story on national […]


Day 5 – Something You Hope To Do In Your Life

30 Days of Truth – Something you hope to do in your life I do not have very many “someday, some way” fantasies.  I don’t have the patience for them.  I go from wouldn’t that be cool to oh, so we’re doing that now at a pace that would suggest I was maybe a little […]


On Babies and Bravery

Devin Decorating

When I found out he was coming, I was terrified. I was afraid for all the hurt and tears and pain that might be waiting for the people I loved the most – my brother, my niece or nephew, my sister-in-love who seemed naively optimistic.  I couldn’t untangle my grief over Jay being arrested with the news […]


And a burden was lifted…

My brother Jay never claimed he was innocent. He has, from what I’ve been told, been extremely forthcoming since the night of his arrest about the crimes he committed.  He told us, at the time, that it was a relief to finally have everything out in the open.  The first time  I heard that, I […]


Is It Too Late For 10 Things I Learned In 2009? (See also: rhetorical questions.)

You know why blogs are better than babies? Because you can ignore them for days and days and weeks and weeks and they are still here. Don’t try that shit with babies.  Seriously. I plan to tell you all about our New Year’s Eve party – including the part where Jared showed up without a […]


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