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Happiness Highlights: RADical in Pittsburgh

white flowers

My goal this week was to get my ass outside as often as possible. Fortunately, the return of RADical Days here in Pittsburgh made that easy and cheap.


A Roaming Gnomes Complicated Feelings on Home


I’m tired of feeling transient, but I’m not ready to give up wandering. I want to feel like I belong somewhere, but not feel stuck anywhere.


Happiness Highlights: Relief from the Loneliness

Reints Family April 2012

Jared and I are both people who need people. It is paramount to our happiness. That kind of dependency can be scary; it most certainly makes you vulnerable. I have faith we’ll figure it out.


The Unexpected End to Our Great American Road Trip

America on the Globe

Today was supposed to be about something else entirely. Self discipline, I think, or maybe the idea of breaking big goals down into small bites.

Instead, today is about rushing home to attend a funeral.


Happiness Highlights: Falling in Love with Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Skyline from Heinz Field

New York City. San Francisco. Pittsburgh. One of these things seems like it doesn’t belong, but they are all cities I have eagerly anticipated visiting during our year of travel. Yes, Pittsburgh. Becky, one of our favorite people, lives in Pittsburgh and she has raved about her hometown for years. We were all looking forward […]