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600 Hot Dogs And 1 Slice of Humble Pie

A new view

On Sunday, I helped give away 600 hot dogs and got my first look at the homeless population of Orlando, Florida.  I wasn’t expecting either. After living in Central Florida for three years, Jared and I made our first trip to Lake Eola Park.  Apparently, this is like Central Park in Orlando, which is to […]


You Should Only Read This If You Live in Central Florida. (Sorry.)

New York 376

This blog has provided me with some really cool opportunities. This? Is one of the best so far. Hebrew National and The Motherhood have asked me to co-host one of their “Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnics” right here in Central Florida.  (OK, fine, it’s in Orlando – but I feel weird saying that because I don’t actually live […]