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Today is the day I’ve been waiting for… almost. Kind of. Today, the last of The Company flies home. And tomorrow I will revel in the fact that I have my house back. Tomorrow I will come home from work and eat what I want, without worrying about making a good impression. Tomorrow I will […]


A Eulogy

I’ve been wanting to write this here for a while.  But it’s long and it never seemed the right time, until now. My mother and I went to Church together this past Mother’s Day weekend, which is a rare treat because we hardly ever make the same Mass.  She sat beside me during the homily […]



Thanksgiving is supposed to about family.  And food.  And laughter and joy and wonderful things. It’s not supposed to be this. Thanksgiving is not supposed to be sitting on a cold, hard pew in an empty funeral home.  My brothers are sitting beside me, too young to grasp how wrong this all is. Family.  And […]


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