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How to Stop Worrying About Everyone Else\'s Happiness


How do you stop worrying about whether your friends and family are happy? You know you should, but HOW?


Remembering I Love Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2011-11-24 019

I always forget how much I love Thanksgiving. Every year since we moved away from Iowa, I have tried to avoid the inconvenience of putting together a replacement Thanksgiving, one that is not-quite right because we aren’t with our family back home. And every year, despite my best efforts, we have celebrated Thanksgiving wherever we […]


How to Get Along with Someone Who Voted for the Other Guy

how to get along with someone who voted for the other guy

Learn to listen and find common ground with people you liked before the election season.


Happiness Highlights: The Great House Hunt

colorful light

House hunting kind of sucked, but my week was saved by some exceptional people.


Happiness Highlights: Relief from the Loneliness

Reints Family April 2012

Jared and I are both people who need people. It is paramount to our happiness. That kind of dependency can be scary; it most certainly makes you vulnerable. I have faith we’ll figure it out.


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