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My Wil Wheaton List

2016-02-18 13.22.18

The things I am committing to do in order to reset myself.


Daily Photo: Fried Snot

I have this crazy habit of trying to eat the local cuisine whenever I visit a place. In Charleston, South Carolina, some teeny bopper waitress insisted that fried oysters was the very best the city had to offer, so I ordered a whole plate full. Fried oysters taste like fried snot. In other words, not […]


Accepting MY Normal

One of the worst things about depression is the feeling that you’re not normal. You can’t do as much as everyone else, and you don’t understand why.  You get tired.  You can’t focus.  You’re easily overwhelmed.  You beat yourself up for being so lazy and immature. You want, more than anything, to be like everyone […]


Thanksgiving Pictures And Why Mommy Blogging Is Easy.


Do you know why there are so many mommy blogs? Because it’s easy. If you have kids, you can throw up pictures from pretty much any day of your life and be like “LOOK!  I POSTED!  SPECIAL MOMENTS WITH MY KIDS!”  and someone, somewhere, will be all “awwww, you have babies and they eat turkey.  […]


A Hole At The Table


My family is having Thanksgiving dinner without me today. My mom and my brothers, along with the rest of their families, will gather around a table and turkey, 1400 miles to the north of me in a small ranch house in Iowa.  They’ll laugh and they’ll eat and they’ll make fun of one another.  They’ll […]