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Happiness Highlights: RADical in Pittsburgh

white flowers

My goal this week was to get my ass outside as often as possible. Fortunately, the return of RADical Days here in Pittsburgh made that easy and cheap.



We almost never do anything for Valentine’s Day. I almost always end up disappointed because I like to set my expectations high and assume that history is no way to accurately predict future results. Sure, he’s never bought flowers, but this will be the year he springs for sky writing! (By the way, sky writing? […]


Hear Thee, Hear Thee

A few nights ago, I collapsed into bed at the end of a three day tourist marathon. I was exhausted. And possibly… maybe… a tiny bit irritable. I felt the black hand of death my husband’s warm touch on my back. “I love you,” he hissed. “Have you lost your fucking mind?” I bolted up […]