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Current Events: Halloween

A few weeks ago, a little thing called Halloween happened.  Maybe you heard about it. Where we live, Halloween happens on the last day of October.  And by happens, I mean is celebrated and by is celebrated I mean trick-or-treating starts at dark on the 31st of October even if it is a school night. […]


Miss Britt Soup – the moving on out edition

I know that you would follow every word I said if you could, but time is limited in your busy life.  It’s not easy to be everywhere I am all. the. time.  I know. Lucky for you, I have once again gathered the highlights of awesome things I have said that you might have missed […]


193 pictures later…

I was going to write a post about how we spent the 4th of July weekend celebrating Jared and Becky’s birthdays, but then I started uploading the 193 photos from this weekend and by the time that was done I had gray hair.  Which is perfect because I also just remembered I have to be […]


Thanksgiving Pictures And Why Mommy Blogging Is Easy.


Do you know why there are so many mommy blogs? Because it’s easy. If you have kids, you can throw up pictures from pretty much any day of your life and be like “LOOK!  I POSTED!  SPECIAL MOMENTS WITH MY KIDS!”  and someone, somewhere, will be all “awwww, you have babies and they eat turkey.  […]


Experts Agree: Tuesday is the new Monday when it comes to weekend recaps.


When I fall behind on work stuff, my tendency is to push life aside and throw myself into getting “caught up”.  I can’t stand the idea of letting people down or just barely making a deadline or meeting only the minimum requirements. (Unless we’re talking about laundry.) For the first time in forever, I went […]


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