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How Feminism (And Other Isms) Should On Us

Feminists can still love shoes

Don’t let any -ISM bully you into pursuing a passion that isn’t yours.


She’ll be a woman, soon. A hairy, hairy woman who can reach anything she wants in the whole wide world.


“Is this for the shower?” Emma asked. I was going through my morning “get ready” routine while she and Devin waited patiently for me to take them to school. “Yep,” I replied. “What’s it do?” she asked. “It takes your hair off,” I told her.  And causes chemical burns like a motherfucker, I thought. “Ohhhhhhh,” […]


When Can I Start Teaching My Daughter About Feminism?

We were standing in a gas station in Tennessee the first time I heard her say it. She was holding a bottle of Bug Juice in her tiny hands, carefully carrying it up to the counter all by herself. Her brother had a similar bottle, but his was filled with blue juice. Emma’s was green, […]


The Review That Gets Me On The PR Blacklist

One of the “perks” of pretending to be a moderately popular blogger is that you can convince authors and publicists to send you free stuff. Well, free books anyway. I’m still waiting for someone to send me free shoes. But books? Books are easy to come by. They’re desperate for any type of “publicity” and […]


Feminist Fodder

I was sitting here thinking that I wouldn’t have anything to blog about today, and convincing myself that that would not be such a horrible thing.  You all would survive, and I probably would too with minor ticks and convulsions. And then I came upon a shit ton of posts about “feminists” and “feminism” and […]