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Uncertainty Sucks, And This Is What It Looks Like to Choose It Anyway

Uncertainty Sucks

A real life, not at all dramatic example of not letting fear win. And real estate.


Why Two Experts on Overcoming Fear Didn’t Have The Answer

overcoming fear workshop

There are lots of ways to overcome fear, but there is no right way.


We Can’t All Be Fearless


I am not fearless. Instead, I have to be brave.


You Can’t Be Happy If You Run From Your Feelings

stop running from your feelings

I used to ask my therapist what I was supposed to do with all of my bad feelings. “Feelings aren’t good or bad,” she’d say. “Feelings just are. The only thing you can do is feel them.” She was only partly right, as it turns out. The other thing I can do is run from them – but that never seems to work out very well for me.


How To Be Fearless

how to be brave

I crossed and re-crossed my legs under the bar, wondering if the fishnet tights would be enough to glam up the cotton black dress I’d paired with black boots for the evening out. I knew my outfit was mild by Vegas standards, but living in an RV didn’t afford me many opportunities for wearing anything […]