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Finding Happiness in Loss

holding my dads hand

The week your dad dies is not what you’d normally consider happy, and yet I don’t have to look hard to find moments worth highlighting.


The Second Chance Dad


My dad called last night at about 8:30. “Are you doing your show?” he asked. “Yep. Do you have to assimilate to be American.” “Oh, um,” he hesitated, “maybe I won’t listen to that one.” “Why not?” “Well, I’m kind of… well… I’m probably a little conservative on that,” his voice took on that goofy […]


The Father Son Dynamic – Is that why he pushes?

.!. I cannot figure out the relationship between my husband and my son. Our son. I wonder if that’s part of the problem. Jared’s interaction with Devin (and Devin’s with Jared) is startlingly different than my own. Startlingly is my word, I suppose, as I find that it bothers me more and more as Devin […]