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On Meeting Elizabeth Gilbert

Britt and Elizabeth Gilbert

My biggest takeaways from the time I met Elizabeth Gilbert.


My Fear of Being Wrong

Let’s chalk this up to: lessons I thought I already learned but oh! look! here I am having to learn them all over again! I am terrified of being wrong. I’m not in love with the idea of being right; I really get very little satisfaction at this point in my life from the act […]


What Do We Deserve? Letting Go of Guilt

Thanks to vehicle issues and too much time to think, I spent an inordinate amount of time wrestling old demons this weekend. The beginning of our grand adventure has been, to say the least, different than we imagined it would be. On Wednesday we pulled out of our driveway at about 2 pm after spending […]


Parenting: when you’re doing it wrong

I read somewhere that you’re not supposed to take your child’s behavior personally.  We’re not supposed to see the decisions they make or don’t make as a reflection of who we are.  After all, they are their own people. But we all know this is bullshit. How many times do we tell parents that they […]