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Why I’m Dumbing Down My Smartphone

i hate your phone

I don’t hate everything about my phone. I just hate the parts that get in the way of me looking at the world right in front of me. I hate the parts that leave me looking at the top of your head because you’re looking at your phone instead of at me.


How to Get Along with Someone Who Voted for the Other Guy

how to get along with someone who voted for the other guy

Learn to listen and find common ground with people you liked before the election season.


Boom. Inspiration.

I was walking to dinner last night when it happened. The fragments of ideas from all the corners of my brain found their rallying point and surged into place. And I knew. Boom. Magic. I love it when inspiration shows up. Who knew it would happen on a sidewalk in Grand Rapids, Michigan? Happy Friday! P.S. If you […]


If Nancy Can Do It, So Can We

People have asked me why my family and I are going on this crazy adventure. What gave us the idea to sell all of our stuff and try traveling full time? I was inspired to try something crazy by people who were already doing the impossible. I first heard about the Vogel family in July. […]


On Being Forgotten

This post is not supposed to exist. I’m not supposed to remember. I’m definitely not supposed to care. Somehow, the fact that I can write these words all these years later feels like a betrayal to my husband as well as my pride. It’s pathetic and… well, pathetic is really the most perfect word. Pathetic. […]