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The Cost of Progress is Comfort

the cost of progress is comfort

Moving forward, getting something new–it always requires a sacrifice. No pain, no gain. Usually, we think we will have to give up our time or money. We are prepared to meet these demands. These are trinkets compared to the real price of change: Comfort Security A sense of belonging Confidence Relationships This is the real […]


What We Could Give Up

I remember a time about eight years ago when Jared and I were desperately trying to come up with a list of things we could live without. We were broke. More than broke. We had way more month than money and a mounting credit card bill that received no more attention than minimum payments. In […]


How Much Money Is Enough?

  We spend a lot of time in our society talking about money – not having enough of it, and how to get more. But I’ve realized lately that we rarely talk about what to do when we have enough – or how to even recognize when we get there. It’s become abundantly clear to […]


How to Make a Budget (Even if You Hate Making Budgets)

I have started roughly 138 budgets in my life. Approximately. I hated every single one of them. I always thought of a budget as a diet for my money, a strict set of rules about what I could and couldn’t eat spend. Making a budget left me feeling deprived and angry, and wondering how in […]


The Real Cost of My Stuff

I spent about 14 hours this weekend getting ready for our upcoming garage sales. I also sold our TV, living room furniture, washer, and dryer to a family friend who is moving today and needed the stuff ASAP. We’ve still got a little over two months to live here, but it was important to Jared […]