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VIDEO: How to Know If That’s Your Intuition Talking


3 questions to know if your intuition is calling.


An Update on My Book About Happiness


We’re getting closer to publishing day!


How Can I Be Less Selfish?

looking out

How do you keep your perspective more out than in? I’m struggling with selfishness.


And Jesus Would Say: Never Unfollow Someone Just Because They Unfollowed You

Sarah pointed me to an article in Wired that pretty much sums up my philosophy on life. Or, at the very least, the point I’ve been trying to make in an ongoing argument with Avitable recently.* The entire article is a long list of new rules of behavior for “highly evolved humans” – aka, people […]


Miss Britt Goes To BlogHer And Makes An Ass Of Herself: Part One.

Lake Meade

First let me say that any and all BlogHer recaps here will be woefully short on the pretty pictures, because one of the very first things I did in Chicago was drop and break my point and shoot camera. Y’all are stuck with having to read real and actual words.  Sorry. SO – Wednesday morning […]


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