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How I’m Learning to Do Nothing Better

distracted driver

As a society, we’ve gotten really bad at coping with nothingness. I’ve decided to do something about that – while I drive.


The Unexpected End to Our Great American Road Trip

America on the Globe

Today was supposed to be about something else entirely. Self discipline, I think, or maybe the idea of breaking big goals down into small bites.

Instead, today is about rushing home to attend a funeral.


So this one time. In Charleston.

There are 406 pictures from my weekend in Charleston. About 385 of those pictures are of buildings and food and trees and the back of a mule’s head. I told you so. Having just spent way too much time and hours I could have been cleaning uploading 406 pictures to Flickr, I’m reluctant to spend […]


I am a tool. Seriously.

There are two things you must know for you to full appreciate what I am about to relay to you: 1. I drive a red mustang convertible. 2. I am absolutely certain I look pretty damn hot in that red mustang convertible when I am driving it with the top down. I left work yesterday […]