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How Change Makes You Happier

change makes us happy

Change sucks, but science says it makes people happier.


The Problem with Positive Thinking

the problem with positive thinking

Positive thinking tends to be the first step most people take to be happier. It seems like a simple tool, and it’s powers have been lauded by experts and motivational posters. Unfortunately, positive thinking can sometimes do more harm than good.


Life List #9: Wear a Dress I Made. Check!

life list sewing project

I took on a new challenge from my life list and tried my hand at sewing. I usually love learning how to do something different, but this project turned out to be harder than I thought it would! Did it make me happier?


In Memory of Frederik Meijer, Do Something Different

Grand Rapids 160

A man named Fred Meijer died a week ago. People living in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, or Kentucky heard the news and probably thought of Meijer stores, the supermarket chains that were the first to introduce one-stop shopping. I thought of a greenhouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan filled with yellow mums and how much my […]


Savannah Artist Proves There’s No Such Thing as Too Late or Too Old


I met Bill Rousseau at the City Market Art Center. My family was walking through the studio galleries, marveling at the talent and weeping at the beauty we couldn’t bring home. Some of us wept inwardly while some of us, namely Emma, cried very outwardly at the injustice of not being able to buy watercolor […]