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Confronting My Bigotry in Salt Lake City

salt lake city temple

I consider myself a tolerant person. More than tolerant, I embrace the differences between myself and others. I seek to better understand and celebrate what makes us separate and what makes us the same. I’ve marched for gay rights, written against discrimination, and teach my children that prejudice is bad. And yet I found myself […]


I Refuse To Tolerate Gays

I’ve been thinking about this post for almost two weeks now, waiting to see if the anger would subside. I don’t write well when I’m angry – or at least, I don’t always write clearly. And I was hoping that if the fury would calm itself, then maybe I would be able to say something […]


The One In Which I Make Your Head Explode With So Many Links

I am not an activist by nature. I don’t get all Women’s Lib on you if you open a door or pick up a check, and I’d never march in a freaking parade because I tend to feel the best way to stand up for what you believe – and who you are – is […]