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Finding Happiness in Loss

holding my dads hand

The week your dad dies is not what you’d normally consider happy, and yet I don’t have to look hard to find moments worth highlighting.


I Called Because He’s Dying

britt rick wedding smaller

After five years without speaking to one of my parents, I finally had a reason to pick up the phone.


On Parenting and Dance Parties in Living Rooms

I don’t know if other mothers do this, but I’m constantly thinking about how my children will remember their childhoods. We’ll be in the middle of our lives, and suddenly I see it all as a snapshot.  I look at the people and the surroundings, the faces and the details of what we’re wearing, and […]


Because looking at pictures of people you don’t know is blogging at it’s best.


The other day on twitter I informed the Internets that I was finally working through all of the pictures from my Dad’s visit to Florida a couple weeks ago. Because that is the kind of interesting information I like to share with the world with modern technology. And while you are mocking me for my […]


The Second Chance Dad


My dad called last night at about 8:30. “Are you doing your show?” he asked. “Yep. Do you have to assimilate to be American.” “Oh, um,” he hesitated, “maybe I won’t listen to that one.” “Why not?” “Well, I’m kind of… well… I’m probably a little conservative on that,” his voice took on that goofy […]