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Happiness is Accepting Your Season

Seasons of life

The season of your life might not match up with what you see outside your window or on your Facebook wall. That’s OK.


3 Tiny Steps to Break the “I Know Better But I’m Not Doing Better” Cycle


Don’t let shame stop you from getting back to what makes you happy.


If Nancy Can Do It, So Can We

People have asked me why my family and I are going on this crazy adventure. What gave us the idea to sell all of our stuff and try traveling full time? I was inspired to try something crazy by people who were already doing the impossible. I first heard about the Vogel family in July. […]


In Comparison, Not Good Enough

When my husband and I first got engaged, I was thrilled to be a part of his family.  I saw in his parents, especially in his mother, wholeness and conventions that I had missed in my childhood. They were normal, in other words, and being a part of their family would, I was certain, make […]