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On Meeting Elizabeth Gilbert

Britt and Elizabeth Gilbert

My biggest takeaways from the time I met Elizabeth Gilbert.


The Horrible, Awful, No-Good Dark Side of Chasing a Dream

the dark side of dreams

Doubt and despair are as inevitable as they are awful when you’re halfway between what you know and what you’ve dreamed about.


Announcing the New Pursuit of Happiness eCourse

happiness ecourse

A new course that walks you through the work of creating your own recipe for happiness.


Facing My Fear of The Silence

bird flying

How I’m walking through my fear of vulnerability in order to tackle my next projects.


What Happiness Looks Like: Purvi Shah and Kids & Art

Britt and Purvi in San Francisco, October 2013

Purvi Shah lost one of her children to cancer, and yet she shares with us insights about happiness.


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