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Why I’m Going to BlogHer PRO


I’m headed for San Francisco to learn how to marry purpose with profit.


Happiness Highlights: The #BlogHer11 Edition

I’ve been in San Diego since Wednesday for BlogHer ‘11, a massive blogging conference that I’ve been attending annually since 2009. Like the picture above, it was a blur of happiness, awesome, and sweat. It was both a confidence boost and a payoff for several years of hard work. It was a mixture of culminations […]


Officially the First “I’m So Nervous About BlogHer!” Post of 2009

I do not run with the BlogHer crowd. Most of you know this because you are my crowd and not of BlogHer. My Crowd attends gatherings with names like TequilaCon and post videos of ourselves doing body shots off one another’s labia. We? Are the fucking party animals of the Internet, people. And BlogHer? Well, […]