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How to Be Happy When There Is Suffering in The World

happiness and suffering

Do we have to become oblivious to other people’s pain in order to maintain our own happiness?


What Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto Can Teach Us About Troubled Pasts

Photo Credit: Rob de la Cretaz

Every lesson in your past has brought you to where you are today.


Why Are Your Friends Judging You?


Is it possible that the people in your life who tend to hit your “stop trying to fix me!” button are acting out of love? Does that matter?


10 Unrealistic Expectations to Let Go Of

let go of expectations

Do you need a perception adjustment? Here’s a closer look at unrealistic expectations that might be weighing you down.


Connection Means Getting Dirty with Me

City Market 23

I was certain yesterday that the weight of life’s stresses would crush me. Nothing serious is happening; just normal life stuff had seemed to gather momentum and formed into a giant ball of worry. I crawled into bed after work and pulled the covers up over my head. Jared crawled into bed beside me and […]


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