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A Visual Representation of My Fear of Commitment

circle 4

My fear of missing out has me stuck in a “safe” work life and missing out on real success.


It’s just a notebook

I decided I needed a notebook. After all, real writers use notebooks to jot down their thoughts.  I’m suddenly having more ideas than I can contain in a blog, and many of them come to me at 11:30 at night when I’m trying to fall asleep. Mainly I got tired of keep track of my […]



My first tattoo was a crudely sketched set of drama masks on my right shoulder blade. Comedy and Tragedy. It was meant to symbolize not only my love of theater (raise your hand if you’d be surprised to hear I was active in drama when I was younger…), but also my propensity for extremes. Comic, […]


No Title In The World Will Make This Less Mundane

I spent most of January and February trying to improve my health.  I committed to walking or exercising every day, I started using the Wii.  By the end of February, I’d established a pretty regular routine of good diet and regular activity. I spent most of March figuring out just how long it would take […]


Insert some title about love and stink and cheating and romance and VD

Normally, I hate Valentine’s Day.  I usually hate all holidays that set me up with lofty expectations of grand romantic gestures because I am inevitably disappointed.  My husband doesn’t do grand romantic gestures. He thinks about them.  He almost was gonna do them.  He just – well – doesn’t. None the less, I woke up […]