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To Disqus or Not To Disqus? A Poll

About a month ago, I installed the Disqus comment system on this blog.  I did it because responding to comments on here was starting to get insanely time consuming, and Disqus allowed me to respond to comments by email super fast.  I hated that I wasn’t responding to comments anymore, and I loved how much […]


Growth. Which is not the same as good writing. Clearly.

Black Canyon

I’ve written a lot of really personal stuff here. I’ve talked about my marriage – the good and the bad.  I’ve documented my depression as it was happening.  I’ve used this blog to communicate with my husband via “open letters“, often revealing on the blog things I couldn’t say face to face. And yet, yesterday, […]


20 Things I Want You To Hear

Blog memes are like bell bottoms. It doesn’t matter how good or bad of an idea they were in the first place, they always come back around eventually. The most recent one to resurface is the “Things I Would Love To Say” post.  The way it works is that the blogger makes a list of […]


Can you be color blind and diverse at the same time?

Follow the link chain with me for a minute while I lead you down the path that caused me to question whether or not I was a closet racist. Or something. I was reading my wonderful friend Shari’s post about her experience at Blissdom. (No, this is not a post about Blissdom.) In this post, […]


Why don’t we spank our kids anymore?

I received a request from another blogger to do a post here. Specifically, they wanted to know what *you* – meaning you, dear reader – had to say about a certain topic. Personally, I think that says quite a bit about you. Mainly, that you’re outspoken and engaging and awesome and basically the best freaking […]