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Why I Hate the Word Happiness

light and dark

Being happy all the time is not normal or even healthy, and it will not lead to a happy life.


What To Do If Your Happiness Clashes With Your Child’s Happiness

when your happiness makes your kids unhappy

What we do affects the people we live with. Part of owning your happiness means taking responsibility for the consequences of it – including the short-term discomfort it might cause other people.


Gratitude on The Darkest Days


Today, the scary unknown will give way to the new normal. With it, I am losing the hope of some unknown miracle that might make everything OK. Gratitude is the only way I know to face today.


How I Know that Happiness Is Always an Option

Devin grin

There are a lot of clichés about happiness and how to be happy and just, you know, personal growth in general. Figuring out how to be happy is just so damn complicated and unique to each individual; it’s too much to sum up in any one motto or mantra or infographic or even one really […]