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What I Learned When Emma Turned Six

In August of 2007, Jared and the kids and I loaded everything we owned into a U-Haul truck and a Chevy Trailblazer and drove away from everything we’d ever known about home. We moved from Parkersburg, Iowa to Central Florida, where the only person we knew was a man I’d met on the Internet who’d […]


Current Events: Halloween

A few weeks ago, a little thing called Halloween happened.  Maybe you heard about it. Where we live, Halloween happens on the last day of October.  And by happens, I mean is celebrated and by is celebrated I mean trick-or-treating starts at dark on the 31st of October even if it is a school night. […]


In which I realize I don’t know my kid at all.

“And now I’m going to show you where I have music!” Emma ran off ahead of us down the sidewalk corridor that joins the classrooms at her Florida elementary.  Jared and I are still in awe of the strip mall design of their school, but at that moment I was most amazed at her long […]


On Babies and Bravery

Devin Decorating

When I found out he was coming, I was terrified. I was afraid for all the hurt and tears and pain that might be waiting for the people I loved the most – my brother, my niece or nephew, my sister-in-love who seemed naively optimistic.  I couldn’t untangle my grief over Jay being arrested with the news […]


Parenting: when you need a little perspective

What a difference a week makes. Last weekend I was at parenting rock bottom.  At least, it felt like rock bottom at the time, except that term suggests a one time hit before climbing your way back up.  But parenting isn’t like that, is it?  Parenting is an ongoing journey with peaks and valleys and […]