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What I don’t like about the Camaro

It’s expected that I would rave about the Camaro online.  When someone gives you a brand new car to drive for a month along with a couple of Visa gift cards and the promise of a massage in the near future – well, you say nice things about them on the Internet. What you don’t […]


Good thing I’m slightly less of a snot now!


My very first car, given to me by my parents when I turned 16, was green. I refused to drive it. It was big and old and an absolute affront to my teenage sensibilities.  I rode in the vehicle exactly twice: once when my parents drove me around after giving it to me in an […]


Picking Up The Camaro – a video


So, this is what I did this morning: Miss Britt Becomes A Chevy “Girl on the Go” from MissBritt on Vimeo. We need to come up with some kind of easy disclaimer for these posts that says “yes, we know, blah blah blah relationship with Chevy blah blah blah disclosure FTC blah.” I get to […]


Remember those shoes you didn’t buy that now match everything you own? It’s like that.

I still remember them. They were the perfect shade of gray, exactly what I’d been dreaming about for months.  The slouch at the ankle was perfect; the heel height was sexy but comfortable.  I started at them through the window for several minutes before finally walking into the store so that I could run my […]