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What I Learned When Emma Turned Six

In August of 2007, Jared and the kids and I loaded everything we owned into a U-Haul truck and a Chevy Trailblazer and drove away from everything we’d ever known about home. We moved from Parkersburg, Iowa to Central Florida, where the only person we knew was a man I’d met on the Internet who’d […]


At Discovery’s Last Launch

When we first moved to Central Florida, we were constantly amazed by all of the new opportunities that surrounded us. Disney World! The beach! Ethnic restaurants! The novelty of it all was fantastic. Of course, it didn’t take long for school and work and everyday life to overshadow newness. Routines have the same hypnotic power […]


You Should Only Read This If You Live in Central Florida. (Sorry.)

New York 376

This blog has provided me with some really cool opportunities. This? Is one of the best so far. Hebrew National and The Motherhood have asked me to co-host one of their “Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnics” right here in Central Florida.  (OK, fine, it’s in Orlando – but I feel weird saying that because I don’t actually live […]