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What Happiness Looks Like: Purvi Shah and Kids & Art

Britt and Purvi in San Francisco, October 2013

Purvi Shah lost one of her children to cancer, and yet she shares with us insights about happiness.


Tell me about cancer, because I don’t know what it’s like.

A couple of weeks ago I sent out a twitter that said, simply, fuck cancer. I added a brief end note to a post that same day explaining that someone close to us had been diagnosed. That may be the understatement of the year. Jared’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I didn’t mention the […]


Fighting Cancer With Fart Jokes

As most of you know by now, one of our own is facing the battle of for her life. Again. For those of you who don’t, allow me to quickly summarize: Lisa of finds herself battling cancer for the third time. She has two daughters and a husband and a life worth fighting for. […]