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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Big Trip

I feel like the only thing I ever talk about is the epic road trip my family and I are taking. I imagine massive eye rolls and impatiently mouthed “is she talking about this again?” being exchanged over my head. But apparently the entire world has not been hanging on my every word over the […]


Day 5 – Something You Hope To Do In Your Life

30 Days of Truth – Something you hope to do in your life I do not have very many “someday, some way” fantasies.  I don’t have the patience for them.  I go from wouldn’t that be cool to oh, so we’re doing that now at a pace that would suggest I was maybe a little […]



If we are lucky, we will experience moments in life when the very core of who we are and what we are is affirmed. Amidst the days when we worry that we’re crazy and the nights when we are afraid that we are inherently wrong, there are bright spots of light and truth and we […]


How in the hell did I get here?

devin unexpected gifts

I’m trying to figure out how to explain to you where I am and how I got here. Geographically, I am in Navarre Beach, Florida, a tiny beach town along the Gulf Coast in Santa Rosa County.  At this exact moment, I’m sitting at a dining room table in a three-bedroom condo.  Just beyond the […]


And I would call it “Shut Up and Listen.”

If I were to write a book right now, I would talk about how important it is to be heard. I think some of our worst decisions are made when we feel like no one is listening.  I used to have a recurring nightmare that ended with me screaming and crying while the people I needed […]