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What Happiness Looks Like: Emily Levenson

Emily Levenson

Business and health coach Emily Levenson finds happiness in the little things.


Guest Post: Change Your Style, Change Your Life

sally mcgraw almost pretty

Learning to love how you look is not an act of vanity, but an expression of self love and a step towards happiness. Guest post from Already Pretty’s Sally McGraw.


Depression Is Not A Lack of Gratitude

the fog

Depression is not an attitude problem. Depression is a health issue.


Accepting MY Normal

One of the worst things about depression is the feeling that you’re not normal. You can’t do as much as everyone else, and you don’t understand why.  You get tired.  You can’t focus.  You’re easily overwhelmed.  You beat yourself up for being so lazy and immature. You want, more than anything, to be like everyone […]


An Itty Bitty Story That Is Not At All Cryptic But Is About Bodily Functions.

I was laying in bed desperately trying to ignore the fact that I wasn’t sleeping, even though my alarm clock wouldn’t go off for another 15 minutes. My annoyance at being awake before 6:00 am was softened by the squishy comfort of finding myself in the middle of  a kid burrito. Emma was curled snugly […]