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If we are lucky, we will experience moments in life when the very core of who we are and what we are is affirmed. Amidst the days when we worry that we’re crazy and the nights when we are afraid that we are inherently wrong, there are bright spots of light and truth and we […]


Vegas and #bwe10: the first 23 hours


I landed in Vegas less than 24 hours ago.  So far: Ok, fine, that was before I landed. But AFTER that And also: No time for details.  I have to catch the Hummer limo in 10 minutes. (Thank you all, as always, for encouraging me to push myself and come here.  You’re awesome, all of […]


On Faces And Eyes, Specifically Mine.

It was a mistake.  An error in a shipping label or a database glitch, maybe, but a mistake for sure. And yet this completely coincidental accident seemed anything but coincidental. **** It was odd for me to email her.  Although we’ve met once and I’ve written about her here, Karen and I aren’t close friends. […]


Miss Britt Soup – the moving on out edition

I know that you would follow every word I said if you could, but time is limited in your busy life.  It’s not easy to be everywhere I am all. the. time.  I know. Lucky for you, I have once again gathered the highlights of awesome things I have said that you might have missed […]


Why I’m Going To BlogWorld Even Though I’m Scared Shitless #BWE10

I plunked down a good chunk of cash yesterday for a plane ticket to Las Vegas and a weekend conference pass to BlogWorld 2010, a ginormous blogging conference attended by about 4,000 people who take this whole Internet thing very seriously. I did this despite the fact that I’m currently on a self-imposed shopping ban. […]