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On Not Sharing. Really.

I am, by nature, a share-er.  Sharer? One who shares. When asked about my inner most thoughts and dreams, I have laughed at the idea of a thought remaining inner most.  The only thing inner about me is my belly button.  Even the thoughts I try not to vocalize end up all over my face […]


Why I’m Going To BlogWorld Even Though I’m Scared Shitless #BWE10

I plunked down a good chunk of cash yesterday for a plane ticket to Las Vegas and a weekend conference pass to BlogWorld 2010, a ginormous blogging conference attended by about 4,000 people who take this whole Internet thing very seriously. I did this despite the fact that I’m currently on a self-imposed shopping ban. […]


Why I’m Not Starting A Travel Blog

Grandkid Photos 2011-12-11 031

I am, officially, a professional travel blogger. I know this because of the check that comes every month from, a travel website that gets millions of visitors each and every month.  I know this because of the posts I’ve written on UpTake about things to do in Orlando, surviving road trips, and really bad […]


What To Expect At #BlogHer, Robin

Grand Rapids 160

I’ve never been one to recommend parenting books to pregnant friends or other mothers.  I mean, I don’t know what the hell kind of mother they want to be, so who am I to say “this, here, this is the perfect manual for becoming the perfect parent!!”  It’s crazy, right?  But you know what I […]


600 Hot Dogs And 1 Slice of Humble Pie

A new view

On Sunday, I helped give away 600 hot dogs and got my first look at the homeless population of Orlando, Florida.  I wasn’t expecting either. After living in Central Florida for three years, Jared and I made our first trip to Lake Eola Park.  Apparently, this is like Central Park in Orlando, which is to […]