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20 Things I Want You To Hear

Blog memes are like bell bottoms. It doesn’t matter how good or bad of an idea they were in the first place, they always come back around eventually. The most recent one to resurface is the “Things I Would Love To Say” post.  The way it works is that the blogger makes a list of […]


Who remembers when I was funny?

life list in progress

I used to be funny. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you.  I was funny.  I may have been crude and abrasive, but damn it, I was funny. I hate coming to this blog right now because the last post is always “OH! HI!  Let me tell you about my health!” and I […]


When Happiness Means Not Blogging. Or Using Periods.

how to be happy lessons learned in petaluma

On Sunday I was going to write a funny post about how Hilly and I spent Saturday pretending to be supermodels. I was going to show you pictures of our light guy and write funny things on the pictures like “see how we is sexy!” with an arrow pointing to my boob inexplicably hanging out […]


And next Dell will pat me on the behind and tell me to buy myself something pretty.

Thursday’s Child sent this twitter: “Women Bloggers: Have you seen this yet? I thought you’d find it particularly delicious.″ Hey, I’m a woman blogger!  So I checked out the link. Apparently, yet another marketing company is trying to figure out how to market to women.  The computer company, Dell, has recently launched a new […]


Why don’t we spank our kids anymore?

I received a request from another blogger to do a post here. Specifically, they wanted to know what *you* – meaning you, dear reader – had to say about a certain topic. Personally, I think that says quite a bit about you. Mainly, that you’re outspoken and engaging and awesome and basically the best freaking […]