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32 Things I’ve Learned about How to Be Happy

New York 376

Someone told me once that I didn’t share or give anything on this blog, that it was more pontificating than giving. I understand where they were coming from – I talk mostly about myself and what I think about happiness – but I disagree. This blog is my drum song. What I do, who I […]


The Gift I Didn’t Want Was the Very Best of All

devin unexpected gifts

Every year on December 14, I tell my son the story of the day he was born. It’s a tradition in our family, one that was passed on to me from my mother and which I am honored to give to my children now as storyteller. That being said, the story I told my son […]


Tiny Beds and Big Birthdays

I’m laying in bed beside you in a hotel room in Tampa as I type this on my phone. And you’re 30. I remember the first time I shared a double bed with you in Iowa, and we didn’t mind how small it was then either. And you were 17. Here’s to getting to watch […]


Like Yin and Yang On LSD, I Think.

I keep thinking about how I want to come here and tell you thank you.  I want to express how grateful I am for the kindness of loved ones and strangers and how all of it has reminded me that there is good in the world. And then, before I get a chance to flex […]


The Greatest Gift Of All

Dear Adam, Today is your birthday. Apparently, you’re basically 40. That’s a pretty big deal. Since you’re a pretty good boss, my “blog husband” and one of my very best girlfriends, I wanted to celebrate this day with the perfect gift. As any good blogger and internet savvy friend will do, I started with your […]