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7 Habits of Happy People

happy people forgive their friends for posting photos of them with penguin hats on the internet

I’ve looked around at some of the happiest people I know and have observed a few similarities in their behavior.


3 Questions to Help You Define Happiness

“Happy isn’t a place you arrive at and live there forever and ever.  Passion isn’t something you can find under a rock in your backyard.  They’re just words we use to describe a way of living and feeling and being from one day to the other.” – From this blog’s About page It’s hard to […]


A laundry list of sorts

Sometimes when you read someone’s blog, or chat with them via IM, or live next door to them for your entire life, you assume you know what they think and how they feel about everything.  You know where they stand on one issue, you know which jokes they laugh at, you know what kind of […]