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It’s Time to Feel Beautiful Again

moving on

An elaborate justification for future shopping trips.


I’m Changing the Rules About Beauty, Because I Can

weight gain ads

You’d think a curvy woman like myself would have been amused when I saw these vintage weight gain ads on Retronaut recently. After all, this is proof that soft, round bodies were once considered sexy by people who buy and sell stuff! This is validation that I was simply born in the wrong era! Instead, […]


Happiness Highlights: Art in Grand Rapids

The music thumped off the smooth walls and wood floors, the echoes of the lead singer softened only by the throng of bodies flooding the wide hallways. The Crane Wives were rocking out, but the local band wasn’t what had brought people to a museum in downtown Grand Rapids last Thursday night. The crowds had […]


How Photography Helps Me Live Better

We’re constantly told to keep things in perspective, to maintain perspective, as if there is one true way in which to view the world and our lives in it. I think that’s dangerously limiting. Holding tight to perspective can prevent happiness and, I believe, adds to continued intolerance. I love photography because it forces me […]


Who Says?

I’m not ashamed to admit it: I love this song. I sing it to my daughter at least once a day. You’ve got every right To a beautiful life I try to remember to sing it to myself once in a while, too. Who says you’re not perfect? Who says you’re not worth it? Who […]