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Costa Rica: The “Happiest Country in the World?”

Costa Rica Beach

Our visit to Costa Rica was dubbed a “gift of happiness” by the tourism board that provided it to us. I don’t know if happiness can be given, but the week we spent touring the mountains and rainforests of this Central American paradise was indubitably one of the best in recent memory.


Daily Photo: Youth

Do you think these kids have any idea how cool it is that they are growing up on the beach?


Daily Photo: Too Dang Cold For Daytona Beach

Somewhere, a swimsuit model is weeping. But you know what? If she’d eat chocolate more often she’d be a hell of a lot happier. So there.


Daily Photo: Summers Past

We took this photo on our very first trip to Daytona Beach right after we moved here. In 2007. Basically, she was barely older than a fetus.


How in the hell did I get here?

devin unexpected gifts

I’m trying to figure out how to explain to you where I am and how I got here. Geographically, I am in Navarre Beach, Florida, a tiny beach town along the Gulf Coast in Santa Rosa County.  At this exact moment, I’m sitting at a dining room table in a three-bedroom condo.  Just beyond the […]