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Happiness Highlights: First Day of Schools

devin 7th grade

Week two in Pittsburgh was a puke-free success.


Happiness Highlights: Decisions Made, Dreams Realized


This week I was very productive. I plowed through my to-do list every day, tackling both the scary tasks and the simple ones that I tend to put off, but the real highlights came over the weekend.


Inspired by My Mom, Who Can Do Anything


I’ve never been more proud of my mom than I am today.


Inspired by Moneé to Do What We Want

I met Moneé in Baltimore last November when I was invited for a press tour. She is a Travel Media Manager for VisitBaltimore, which means she helped organize all of the details of the trip for myself and the other writers who were in town for the tour. Her job was to sell me on […]


What I Learned My First Week Of School


1. Brand spanking new backpacks have a street value of about two cans of soda. While standing at the bus stop with Emma, who wanted me there, and Devin, who has been surprisingly tolerant of my presence, I discovered that Devin’s best friend had traded his new backpack for two cans of soda.  Because he really wanted […]


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