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The New Friend Stage

I got my first serious boyfriend my sophomore year in highschool.    He became a part of my family, an integral part of my every day life.  After several months, I knew it would last forever. We broke up two years later. I remember when I tried to date new people afterwards what a struggle it […]


Orlando TweetUp: nobody told me this was a professional party

Last Thursday night, I attended the Orlando TweetUp hosted by the Orlando Sentinel in… wait for it… Orlando. Let me tell you about how I wanted to die. First of all, thank GOD I was meeting Shash, Susan from EggMarketing and Melanie from ModernMami there. The three of them were the sum total of the […]


And this is where YOU come into the story…

If you come to this blog on a regular basis, you know that I went to TequilaCon in Philadelphia last weekend. And by now, if you have any interest in blogger drunkenness, you’ve no doubt read recap after recap all over the Internet. I want to tell you about what you won’t see in the […]


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