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Only A Bunch Of Douches Would Call Themselves “The Orlando Mafia”.


We call ourselves The Orlando Mafia. And every time we do, one of us invariably rolls rolls our eyes and laughs, “man we are douches.”  And then another one of us laughs too and agrees, “I know!  I can’t imagine why anyone would ever want to hang out with us!”  And then we all laugh […]


The People, or at least @DarlaF, basically demanded it.


I used to update my blog regularly so that my mom wouldn’t freak out over whether I was dead or depressed or something. But now she just calls me most of the time if she’s worried about me and she’s pretty much too busy to read my blog now anyway.  And if your mom is […]


An Open Letter* To @Avitable On His Birthday


Dear Adam, According to Flickr, this picture was taken on April 17, 2007.  It’s the very first picture we took of the two of us the weekend I flew down to Florida to see if I really could convince some strange guy from the Internet to give me a job so that I could move […]


I’m In The Mood

I am absolutely over the moon that today is Christmas Eve. Jared and I both have to work today, but tonight we’ll go to church with the kids and Hilly.  After church, we’ll come home to have chilli and appetizers, just like we do every year on Christmas Eve.  Of course, this is the first […]


Why “it’s not about you” is utter bullshit.

“It’s not about you.” I fucking hate it when people say that.  Because, while it may be true and healthy, it’s usually said to let someone know that their feelings are stupid. “It’s not about you… it’s about me.” That seems to be the unspoken clarifier.  Like, how dare you question how I am treating […]