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The Alterntives to Biting My Tongue


Sometimes happiness is dealing with confrontation.


Why People Are Mean

“Why are people so mean?” I think that’s something we have all asked at least once in our lives. Of course, when we ask it we’re talking about other people. We want to know why that person over there is so mean to us, or our friend, or some seemingly innocent victim with whom we […]


The Worst Day

I thought I had survived The Apocalypse. I thought I had lived through the worst. I was wrong. Yesterday, in the early afternoon hours, I received an email that would forever change the course of my life.  It would, I think, change the very fabric of me.  Permanently. I was standing up when I read […]


In Which I Educate My Mom On Whoredom And Decide Not To Bitch To The Internet. For Once.

“Alright, Mom.  I have to go.” Our morning conversation was beginning to bleed into my working hours and I could no longer ignore the screams from my inbox. “OK, baby.  I love you.” “I love you, too.  Thanks for listening to me be a raging whore all morning.” “Mmm… I’d say raging bitch.” “Oh.  Right.” […]


In lieu of flowers, I forgive.

It is said that somewhere in Iowa, a small town’s football team still takes a knee before each game.  The players and coaches join hands and bow their heads, and they defy the laws that tell them that they cannot pray together.  It is rumored that they kneel together and recite the Lord’s Prayer. “Our […]