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Costa Rica: The “Happiest Country in the World?”

Costa Rica Beach

Our visit to Costa Rica was dubbed a “gift of happiness” by the tourism board that provided it to us. I don’t know if happiness can be given, but the week we spent touring the mountains and rainforests of this Central American paradise was indubitably one of the best in recent memory.


Finding Adventure in Arches National Park

Climbing in Arches National Park

We made our decision to head back to Iowa in the morning, but I knew I couldn’t leave Moab without taking at least one hike in Arches National Park that afternoon. We’d driven so far for just that purpose and we were so close to the spectacular red rock formations; I had to touch them […]


Road Trip America

We used to be a fairly normal family. My husband Jared and I worked and lived in a Central Florida suburb with our two kids, Devin and Emma. And then one day I got a crazy idea: I wanted to take an epic road trip across America with my family. Why road trip America? My […]